Art Gallery Honfleur France

Gallery Artiane was founded by Tania Klein in 2000, in the heart of Honfleur where the Seine meets the English Channel. Her credo “all the fire, all the flame” connotes a style with a great passion she invites you to discover.
Art Gallery Honfleur France

Honfleur, the beginning

Tania was born to an artist father, Jean-Georges Inca, explaining her obsession with contemporary art. Her mother Ariane, Jean-Georges’s muse and lifelong supporter, inspired the name Galerie Artiane. The beautiful waterfront and timber-framed houses of Honfleur are not only favored by millions of visitors every year, but also by modern French artists for the past two centuries. Bathed in the artistic milieu, Artiane continues to be an important part of the Honfleur art scene.

Laure Krug

Laure Krug, a French painter and visual artist, whose “Pasdames” (Big Ladies) sparkle with generosity. Her round dolls seem to fly over to meet you. Original and unique pieces, each tells a story of how a woman finds herself. Coquettish, funny, shy or cheeky, each figure is very alive. You can find strong identities in her sculptures with playful messages.

Facing St. Catherine Church

With a multitude of experiences and her unusual career path, Tania finally chose Honfleur to settle down, just across the sea from England and next to the luxurious ‘Parisian riviera’ towns of Deauville and Trouville. In the beginning, she had a small space in a corner diagonal from Saint Catherine’s Church. But, with the support of her loyal collectors and artists, she moved into a spacious two-story storefront directly facing the Saint Catherine Church. If you are in the neighborhood, don’t miss the chance to drop in and have a chat with us at Galerie Artiane.

Bernard Saint Maxent

Bernard Saint Maxent is one of the first artists selected by the gallery and has become more popular over the years. His modeling and painting figures are joined with a patinated bronze tablet in a storytelling scene, where love and humor are de rigueur.

Art Gallery Honfleur France
“Pasdame” Laure Krug

Before Normandy

After years of hosting pop-up art events in Cannes, Monaco, Paris, Brussels, New York, and Beijing, Tania Klein opened the doors of her first art gallery Gallery Artiane in 2000. She selected Honfleur as the location because of its ever-growing vibrant art scene.

Art Gallery Honfleur France
“Abstraction” Bernard Saint Maxent
Art Gallery Honfleur France
Gallery ArTiane, 12 Place Berthelot

The Affordable Art Market

Honfleur, the birthplace of many famous French impressionist painters, has welcomed many artists such as Turner, Bonington, Jongkind, Eugène Boudin, Courbet, Monet, and Baudelaire. Masterpieces of these old masters are clearly out of most anyone’s range, except for the exceptional few. Gallery Artiane is dedicated to promoting emerging French artists whose works are valuable but within reach. When it comes to art, we often say that the value is in the eyes of the beholder. Affordable art means we have artworks you fall in love with and can carry home with you.

Art Gallery Honfleur France
“Apple-ly in the center of it all” Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino is a renown American artist famous for his 3D serigraphy, which overflows with expressive energy and colorful accumulations, illuminated with Swarovski crystals. Objects of art such as plexiglass and porcelain apple, that leave the walls to offer a beautiful echo to your paintings.

Art Gallery Honfleur France
Art Gallery Honfleur France

Art Gallery Honfleur France

Jean-Georges Inca

Jean-Georges Inca, grand master in the representation of human adventure in the mountains, featuring snow, ice and fire. His work is referenced by adventurers, philosophers, and scientists, such as Haroun Tazieff, Reinhold Messner, I. Prigogine, Jean-Louis Etienne, Michel Onfray, B. Pellegrin.

“The Slide” Jean-Georges Inca

Original Exhibitions

Our exhibition space at Place Berthelot occupies 150 sqm on two levels combining modernism and historic slate stone architecture. We select works of quality, that are modern and original, with a touch of personal storytelling. The statement of Artiane is “Tout feu, tout flamme” (all the fire, all the flame), inscribed on the sign of our storefront and announces our position in the field of art: figuration, movement, body, proximity, testimonies, and all with great passion.

Dominique Régnier

Master in his spectacular interpretation of feminine seduction reaching its climax. He sculpts in the marble until the lace dress delicately posed on a smooth and brilliant skin, all from a single block.

Galerie d'Art Honfleur France
“Carmen de Golzinne” Dominique Régnier


Contemporary portrait artist. His expressive hyperrealist portraits are intense in color with an intuitive touch of transparency.

New Artists, Original Artworks

Artiane keeps the door open to new artists: curation is open to a wide range of all fields of contemporary art – paintings, sculptures, installations, and photography. Our artists are encouraged to combine different elements to create multiple dimensions. Gallery Artiane strives to promote, defend, and valorize the work of emerging artists, and to present them on an international stage. A woman of passion that is armed with her own criteria, Tania Klein introduces new artists every year. Tania’s artistic curation is guided first by originality, then taste, know-how, and more subjective, talent!

Galerie d'Art Honfleur France
“Untitled Portrait” Berto

Art Gallery Honfleur France
“My Name is Blue” Did Moreres

Did Moreres

The paintings by Did Moreres made a very noticeable entry to the gallery: a monochrome as multiple as pure and deep. Moon horizons, marines or deserts, the introduced plant brings us back subtly to us and invites us to contemplate the self and the world.

Aesthetic Selection

With spontaneity, Tania rigorously filters artists to find those whose line has come to impose strong emotion on the viewer: no still lifes, she wants the living – the human with an enlightened aesthetic elegance. From colorful playfulness to philosophical monochromes. From the pure academic classics to urban art. As in her life, there is no barrier, no closed door; only curiosity. The theme in selection is the raw emotion provided. Those that can meet this standard are masters in her eyes.

Art Gallery Honfleur France
“New York” Laurent Minguet

Laurent Minguet

Self-taught French artist Laurent Minguet amazes us with his photogenic pen on a wooden background. Of an opaque color, he comes to seek our attention to invite us to understand his intention.

Art Gallery Honfleur France
“Sans Titre” Nadine Defer

Art Gallery Honfleur France
“6 Legshow” Eric Neveu

Art Gallery Honfleur France
Virginie Matz

Nadine Defer

A new series of Nadine Defer, faces and pastel characters, after the theme of the nude expressive and moving, dear to the gallery, away from the nude “academic”.

Eric Neveu

A very Parisian artist of this panel, Eric Neveu, a must-see photographer if one evokes the Crazy Horse or NewLook or Penthouse Magazine in the beautiful and great era of D. Filipacchi who trusted him. It’s timeless.

Virginie Matz

Just as resolutely playful, the work of Virginie Matz who gives the spotlight to cocos on a background of Breton or Norman beach, a beautiful universe of joy and complicity, in remarkable tones on tones.

Frédéric Adrait

Frédéric Adrait, a gestural painter, a disciple of Urban Art, mixing stencils, knives and spray. For ten years, this artist of Lyons origin is devoted to portraits of character.

From Honfleur to the World

With the help of Very Private Gallery, Artiane can finally bring some of the best artworks for sale online. You will soon have access to our secure online store, and a tool to simulate how the artwork will appear on your wall before making a purchase.

Art Gallery Honfleur France