The 3D Pop’Art of Charles Fazzino

Mouvement 3D Pop’Art

Founder of a pop art movement in the United States, this young artist was in his early twenties in the 1970s. How did our entertainer, Charles Fazzino, become one of America’s favorite artists? To deserve an audience beyond the borders, the artist uses all themes of leisure, sports, cinema, music and comedy, Disney or poker …, decides to entrust his originals to Museum Editions LTD exclusively Swarovski crystals, signed and numbered in limited edition, prestige (PR) and luxury (DX), for a 3D silkscreen construction, completely cut and assembled by hand.

Playful Art

From then on, in numerous galleries (chosen) all over the world, Fazzino asserts his notoriety without shame: in fact, once discovered, one no longer forgets it and one does not confuse it with any other. The identity of his work, so meticulous, so rich in findings and details, so patiently brought to light, is so strong that everyone can remember his name because his careful and playful art marks the spirits.

Big smiles on the planet

This mythical universe becomes, in the footsteps of Andy Warhol’s project and his peers, accessible to the greatest number, revisiting without taboos panoramas, capitals, professions of all kinds, capricious winks but also cultural, tributes to the great names and the big smiles on the planet …

A discreet commitment

His vibrant 3D, so beautiful from afar as from everything very close, all flamboyant color and humor, draws inspiration from each of his travels, each of his encounters, denouncing here or there, without artifice, happiness (or the comic) of modernity, a sharp glance at the world as it goes! Charles Fazzino, a New York artist, leaves the walls exploring the reliefs of our lives, closely as we search our memories, far away as we admire a landscape, meeting the horizon of all. His success, unexpectedly large, allows him a much more discreet commitment to medical research and social welfare.

Charles Fazzino - You-are-going-to-Hollywood---72x108cm
Charles Fazzino - Rockin-the-1960s---83x107cm
Charles Fazzino - Midnight-in-Manhattan--122x71cm
Charles Fazzino - Lets-Fly-a-Kite-San-Francisco---96x96cm
Charles Fazzino - A-Taste-Of-French-Gastronomie---84x69cm
Charles Fazzino - The Girls Gone Out Shopping
Charles Fazzino - Washington-welcomes-You---69x89cm
Charles Fazzino - Paris,-Love-Is-In-The-Air---59x41-cm
Charles Fazzino - New-York-s-Grand-celebration---81x104cm
Charles Fazzino - In-The-Center-Of-The-Apple---53x48cm
Charles Fazzino - Come-Fly-With-Me,-Let's-fly-away-in-NYC---106x136cm
Charles Fazzino - Take B-Train to Brooklyn
Charles Fazzino - Philly-Stands-for-Freedom
Charles Fazzino - Vegas-Vacation---125x63cm
Charles Fazzino - Manhattan-Mural--Island-of-Hopes-and-Dreams---103x205cm
Charles Fazzino - Google-it-Facebook-me-Tweet-it-LOL---51x62cm
Charles Fazzino - Bright-lights, big-city, Broadway 110x130cm
Charles Fazzino - Hot town summer in the city - 85x125cm
Charles Fazzino - Disney Drive
Charles Fazzino - The-sun-shines-again-on-Manhattan---52x63cm
Charles Fazzino - NYC-Little-Green-Apple
Charles Fazzino - Liberty-Stands-in-the-Big-Apple
Charles Fazzino - Getting-Cheeky-on-the-Queue-in-Londons-West-End---94x94cm
Charles Fazzino - Get-That-New-York-Feeling
Charles Fazzino - Movember


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