tableaux monochromes

Contemporary Monochrome Paintings

Artist: Did MORERES

Monochrome artist

Contemporary Monochrome Paintings: Did Moreres, Interior designer and visual artist, plays with materials to give form and life to his intuitive visions, he likes to aim at the moon.

Explore the abstract

He offers us a journey where the creative stars who inhabit it take a plastic form while meeting an aesthetic challenge. For more than 20 years, he has always been invigorated by his passion for innovation. Like a researcher, he tries to invite us into a cosmic visual universe.

The Paintings

Red, black, blue, metallic, abstract but charismatic, his monochrome paintings with quasi-hypnotic reliefs show correctness where emotions and sensuality are invited.

Pure colors

Combining color pigments and vegetables, its undulating compositions in atypical formats offer sweet contemplations. They spread certain zen, a feeling of relaxation conducive to reflection. His dreamy plastic landscapes caress our eyes. The monochromatic force here makes it possible to achieve shades of deep and unparalleled shades.

The Art of the Visible

Unfathomable voluptuous bas-reliefs traversed by waves, camaïeux of the artist’s thoughts, his paintings suggest the sculpture with its textures and accumulations of pigments.

“The work lives by the look that is given to it. It is not limited either to what it is or to the person who produced it, it is also made of the person who looks at it. My painting is a space of questioning and meditation where the senses that are lent to it can come and get lost.” Pierre Soulages

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