Jean-Louis Toutain

Sculpture as sumptuous fulness

Toutain Toulousain

Born in Toulouse in 1948, Jean Louis TOUTAIN was attracted from very young age by drawing, painting and modeling. He entered the Beaux at age of 14. For three years, he took courses in ceramics and decoration. In the day he worked as a ceramist apprentice. He paints, drafts, sculpts and works in the most diverse environments, advertising, industry, theatre, interior architecture, ergonomics, printing, toy design. He accumulates experiences, reaps knowledge, tests techniques and materials.

First of all, Sculptor

At 40, he felt the need to build his own world. Above all, he will be a sculptor. He follows a successful artist’s journey: the uncertain years lead to national and international recognition, exhibitions and prizes of which the greatest value for Toutain is to attest to the recognition of his talent by the public. Because of his youthful ideals, he always preferred the street to the museum and the wonder of a child to the official rewards.


Even though it was a great pleasure to be in France, like France’s best worker medal in 1991 for its sculptural and decorative work. Today, Toutain has reached a sumptuous fulness which never, however, has abolished that part of fertile uneasiness which alone makes it possible to advance, and thanks to which it touches us always. His works are present in numerous private and public collections, in France and abroad.

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