Bernard Saint Maxent

Sculptural Painter


Gallery Artiane has supported Bernard Saint Maxent since his entry into the art scene in 2000 and wishes to salute the artist’s unwavering fidelity to the arts! Today, many international galleries value such as self-taught artists. The artist’s character, innovative creativity and inherent commitment allowed him to evolve freely. Large-scaled mixed media works that combine sculptures within paintings are unquestionably signature to Saint Maxent. The recurring themes throughout his collection include love, life, mutuality, collaborative, simplicity, and happiness.

Sculpture and painting mixed

Unique and evocative, this work brings your walls to life! It is a permanent wink to good humor, playful if not provocative, and always smiling. Like a master sculptor, Bernard Saint Maxent keeps his artwork unique and ranges from mixed media work to bronze sculptures.
From his “Big Jump” bronze structure which illustrates a dreamer lying on top of the world while gazing at the stars in total relaxation to his “Love Flower” mixed media sculpture on canvas piece in which a lover sits in a heart while holding up roses for his sweet lady. “My art must be a device that conveys pleasure,” said Saint Maxent.

Jumping out of the frame

His eccentric character, carving rich texture in resin and patinated bronze or silver, breathes life into the scene of his pieces with a beautiful relief structure. Bernard Saint Maxent’s latest collection is contemporary in style by utilizing sculptures on canvas. The artist eschews the traditional canvas for a metal plate, providing an ultra-modern feel.


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